Ready to play a bigger game?

It happens to all of us. There comes a time when the call to radically up your game is so strong that you have to go for it. Well hello, transformation! 

It can be a startling call to answer. Transforming and upping your game means giving up old stories, beliefs and habits that hold you back, and creating bold-and-brilliant passageways into a new experience with yourself, your belief system and the world around you.

Everyday Creative Coaching is for full-hearted people who want to break out of a stuck place, and do that thing or be that person that's been tapping away like a siren song. Coaching is heeding that call and taking that next step by embarking on a self-expansion voyage. With a guide, mentor, muse, inspirer, motivator and inquisitive playmate to get to those arrival points.

I also work with people who want to create a writing practice. How and where do you start? Come with me on a creative program to get going and get writing: find your voice, experience the surprise, wonder and fun in the writing process. Build skills, confidence and a regular routine that fits your life. Write those blogs, start that book and develop a fulfilling relationship with your creative process. There's a lot of coaching around resistance and dealing with fear and "I can't". The coaching process is a braided discovery of seeing yourself through writing and creating. 

Set yourself free, step into your genius self

Your story has power. It can be filled with gollums whispering "no" and keeping you stuck, or your story can be a barrel full of Hell Yes's that take you to a playing field of experiences beyond your boldest requests. And what if you had no story at all? Imagine that!

    Let's go exploring!

    Let's go exploring!