Coaching offerings

I work with individuals and with groups.

My workshops and talks address the following topics: How to Take Ownership of Your Career; Preparing for Leadership: Finding Your Voice; How to Make a Difference at Work; Finding Purpose and Meaning at Work; The Myth of Not Enough Time; How to Be an Effective Teammate;  

Coaching packages

Coaching packages are customized based on your desires, goals and coaching experience. 

Coaching packages include 1:1 conversations (in person, video or phone), along with unlimited email, text and phone support in between.

You can read more about what coaching is, or the role I play in your life as coach here.

A sampling of coaching packages include:

  • 3-Month Kick Starter
  • Coaching in Motion: We walk or run during our session, for people who like thinking while moving.
  • Get-Going, Get Writing: Coaching for people who want to write
  • 30 Day Kick-Your-Ass-in-Gear Coaching
  • Solopreneur coaching package (includes marketing and writing coaching)
  • Something custom-made for you.

Whether you're intrigued to see what coaching is like, or you're hell-bent on getting a coach, I offer complimentary coaching sessions so you can see what coaching is like together before making an investment.

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