I have some new offerings fresh from the Coaching Lab*!


This month-long intensive is for anyone seeking a surge of focus and support to get you rockin' and rollin'! Say you want to pop out of a stuck point or a creative funk; or, you're starting up a new project and need some revving up--vroom-vroom! Or you like intensives and you want a nice lively get-going plan for the month. Anything goes!


  • Short-and-sweet daily check ins during the week--email or text.
  • Three coaching conversations.
  • Open-ended access and dialog with me as you need.  
  • We can create an agreement that works perfectly just for you.


You and me, connecting through the written word in email or text--no lifting of the 1,000-pound phone. You get the support you need to let those eager wings out and fly to that tree you've always wanted to hop around in. 

Coaching packages

I offer a variety of coaching packages based on your goals and desires. First, let's start with a discovery conversation--a coaching session--so you can see what coaching is like.

For a complimentary coaching conversation, email me anytime at: tatyana@everydaycreative.net 

*What's the Coaching Lab? It's when I play with a couple of willing participants and check out some new ways to engage with people.