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Three unique offerings in 2018:

Kick Your A** in Gear! One Month Coaching Intensive

Sometimes you just want to focus in and GO FOR IT. You've got your sights set on starting a new project, creating a new practice, or being more of yourself and taking the world by g-d storm. For a lot of you, intensives work; it's how you like to get this self-expansion party started. Trade in old habits for new ones and start playing a bolder more creative game ASAP. This is a high-touch point engagement that includes four hour-long coaching calls and daily check-ins M-F.
Just imagine: One month from now you're playing a bigger, more beautiful game. Olé!

This was one of the best things I did for myself last year. I began to create new connections for my business, I created new content for my coaching practice and started a writing practice that I have sustained 5 months later. I loved that there was nowhere to hide from myself and my goals. Tatyana’s high-touch month kept me on track, motivated and feeling positive about the momentum I was creating. In just one month I astonished myself every day and Tatyana was there to support and guide me every step.
I highly recommend jumping into this powerful month of coaching to get into action and accomplish your goals.
— Stephanie Hardwick, MA, Leadership and Life Coach

Coaching in Motion

For those of you who walk, run or do any kind of sport with friends, you know how the conversations go: deep, insightful, fulfilling, life changing, epiphanous. Can you imagine the outcome of hitching that power-wagon to coaching?

The Coaching in Motion package is perfect for you sporty types and anyone who gets inspired and thinks best while in motion. We have our coaching conversations in the glorious office of Mother Nature while running or walking--and any other activity we want.

PS. Plenty of studies say we learn better in motion--but you already knew this!
PPS: Someone just asked if we could take a coaching session to a museum or the ski slopes. Um, YES!


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    More coaching packages

    I partner with people over a period of time, usually starting at three months, in which we converse and imagine and create and play and oooh-and-awe and laugh and let our wings out.  

    Coaching packages range from three months to one year. They include unlimited email, text and phone support in between. Coaching experiences can take on creative shape and form--and can include intensives, coaching in motion, and any other method of engagement you might consider.

    Today, someone asked me about a coaching session while skiing. Yes! Another could be a two-hour coaching session while running through the trails of Cougar mountain. We could carry a notebook and walk a favorite neighborhood, go for a hike. We can also use Skype, the phone, my office--but your imagination and endless possibility is always in play!

    You can learn more about what coaching is, and the role I play in your life as coach here.

    Group and Team Work

    I also give workshops, do group coaching and talks. A sampling of topics:

    • How to Feel Better During Troubled Times
    • How to Have an Extraordinary Experience at Work
    • How to Take Ownership of Your Career
    • Prepare for Leadership: Finding Your Voice
    • How to Make a Difference at Work
    • Finding Purpose and Meaning at Work
    • The Myth of Not Enough Time
    • How to Write an Effective Email

    Whether you're intrigued to see what coaching is like, or you're hell-bent on getting a coach, I offer complimentary coaching sessions so you can see what coaching is like together before making an investment.

    Email me at: 

     Art by Thibeaud

    Art by Thibeaud