For anyone launching or re-launching a business, or reinventing your professional life. This customized program will get you grounded, clear, committed and ready to show up with a story and style that is true to who you are and how you want to reach and service your people.  Let's roll!

      Our work together will help you:

  • Get grounded in your Why, What, Who & How: Purpose, mission, vision, etc.
  • Create a voice and presence that feels natural to who you are and what you’re doing.
  • Have fun building a business that focuses on service and providing value.
  • Connect to the right people and build a community.
  • Get comfortable with writing and presenting yourself online and in public.
  • Create your online presence--website, blog, social media--however you want.

    Following the words of Steve Chandler, "Coaching is a creative business, you can do whatever you want." Whatever your profession, let's apply this wisdom to you. 

        Three and six month packages include:

  • 3-hour grounding, messaging and working sessions.  
  • 3 coaching sessions per month, 90-minutes
  • Access in between sessions: email or spot coaching.
  • Feedback and edits on materials in process--one turnaround a week minimum.
  • Helpful resources : video, audio, books, articles.
  • A partner, buddy, supporter and fan at your side, committed to getting your genius out into the world!
Tatyana has helped me find my voice as a comedic speaker and supported me with my mindset to have the courage to make comedy an integral part of my business.
— — Pam Dibbs, Comedian, Leadership Coach, Speaker –Dibbs on Life.
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Sometimes you just want to focus in and GO FOR IT. You've got your sights set on starting a new project, creating a new practice, or being more of yourself and taking the world by g-d storm. For a lot of you, intensives work; it's how you like to get this self-expansion party started. Trade in old habits for new ones and start playing a bolder more creative game ASAP. This is a high-touch point engagement that includes four hour-long coaching calls and daily check-ins M-F.

Just imagine: One month from now you're playing a bigger, more beautiful game. Olé!

This was one of the best things I did for myself last year. I began to create new connections for my business, I created new content for my coaching practice and started a writing practice that I have sustained 5 months later. I loved that there was nowhere to hide from myself and my goals. Tatyana’s high-touch month kept me on track, motivated and feeling positive about the momentum I was creating. In just one month I astonished myself every day and Tatyana was there to support and guide me every step.
I highly recommend jumping into this powerful month of coaching to get into action and accomplish your goals.
— Stephanie Hardwick, MA, Leadership and Life Coach


I give workshops and do speaking engagements. A sampling of topics:

  • Email Writing: How Empathy and Clean Sentences Build Relationships
  • How the Culture of Complaint at Work is Breaking Us
  • How to Take Ownership of Your Career
  • Prepare for Leadership: Finding Your Voice
  • How to Make a Difference at Work
  • The Myth of Not Enough Time

Whether you're intrigued to see what coaching is like, or you're hell-bent on getting a coach, I offer complimentary discovery conversations so you can see what you're capable of. 

Email me at: 

 Art by Thibeaud

Art by Thibeaud