Let's go exploring!

Let's go exploring!

The Pixies Spirits of Everyday Creative

Fun & play: Because as we climb the ladder of life, it's so easy to forget how to play and have fun. And we get so . . . serious. Harumph! Play and fun inspires creativity and pumps up the imagination. When you're having fun, you're more open to learning; goals become adventures; daily life gets more spirited and brings the Pixie-helpers out to make anything possible. Let's play!

Practical application & action: Because while you dream, move your feet. Nothing's going to turn that heart-desire into a reality like establishing habits and activities that fit in with your life, and your way of being and doing. Let's keep things simple. No hair shirt required.

Curiosity: Because when you're curious you can't be afraid. Curiosity is the antidote to doubt. When you're curious your heart is open. Curiosity is the enchantment of a sea breeze that brings a life change or transformation; adventure and play. Curiosity is a giant pink petal in your hand with a tiny pixie on it waving at you, whispering your name. "Over hear," it's saying. And you follow it.

I approached Tatyana when I needed someone to engage me in the writers’ life. I needed someone to be my coach, referee, and cheerleader. Tatyana was exactly what I needed — an advisor, a critic, a friend. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.
— S. Jha, Seattle, author of the novel “Foreign.”