Let's go exploring!

Let's go exploring!

3 Pillars of Everyday Creative

Creativity & imagination because many of us lose connection with this essential part of ourselves as we climb the ladder of life. By accessing the precious resource of your creativity and the superpower of your imagination, you can walk away from old stories and thinking; goals become adventures, daily life gets more fun and anything is possible.  

Practical application & action! because while you dream you must move your feet. And the only way you're going to do that thing or be that person is if you find a way in that custom-fits your life, your way of being and works with everything going on in your life right now.

Writing coaching because humans are storytellers, and in today's world we're all writers. I meet so many people who are filled with the desire to create a writing practice and/or develop a more comfortable relationship with writing.  Coaching will show you what's possible, as well as introduce you to the creative genius of your writing voice. It's in there!

I approached Tatyana when I needed someone to engage me in the writers’ life. I needed someone to be my coach, referee, and cheerleader. Tatyana was exactly what I needed — an advisor, a critic, a friend. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.
— S. Jha, Seattle, author of the novel “Foreign.”