Writer: Poetry, essays, stories, blogs, currently working on a collection about being a late bloomer. I am devoted to the mystery and marvel that unfolds in the writing process. Tell me you can't write or are scared of it or [your issue here], and  I'll show you how magnificent you are. 

Everyday athlete: Swimmer, runner, walker, skier, former triathlete. My dedication to exercise is less discipline, more necessity. I understand the need to get those ya-yas out; I believe that being in motion is the most natural human state.  

Learner: Primary, Middle, High School, College. Extension Programs, Graduate School, Coaching School. Therapist, coaches, mentors, communities, classrooms. Books, the arts and nature are some of my favorite teachers. The learning is ongoing.

Late bloomer: I married for my first time at 49. In one fell swoop I had a husband, grown step-children, grandkids, sibling-in-laws, the works. My grandma name is “T-Sizzle.”  My step-daughter married an Australian; my mother’s Australian. Life is funny like that. 

Retired party girl: Some people call this being "sober" but it's such a serious word. I hung up my drinking cups and found a new freedom and happiness in facing myself and using the power of my imagination to manifest the previously unimaginable. I am a big fan of the transformation process. I want to help others give birth to the next phase of their beautiful selves, and lives.

Tatyana teaches me to look at my work differently. She invites me to open my eyes and take note of what around me influences my work, good and bad, and to ask why. To see abundance, to clear away the muck and see what I want to achieve and finally to define how to get there. It’s been hugely rewarding.
— SJ, Seattle Garden Consultant
Let's play!

Let's play!

Everyday Creative Philosophy & Approach

  • MORE EASE OF LIVING. Stop trying so hard. Be restful. Sisyphus is not our role model.
  • YOU ARE CREATIVE. It's what makes us human. 
  • YOUR IMAGINATION is a powerful change agent. We're going to get it dancing again.
  • YOU CAN DO IT. And I'll be there reminding you every step of the way.

Street cred

  • MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles
  • Certified Professional Coach, Erickson International College
  • Widely published, including magazine and newspaper articles, essays, poetry, short stories, blogs.
  • Company work includes: Young & Rubicam, ELLE magazine, Corbis, Microsoft and a number of tech start ups.

You can see some online writing here.

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