It's like going on a journey into yourself and out in to the world. It's answering a call to manifest a vision or respond to a calling that keeps tapping, knocking or whispering at you to go to the next level of life.  (If you don't know exactly what it is, that's OK!) Knock knock! 

The coaching process is a rich exploration into yourself and everything that is possible out in that big, mysterious beautiful world. With your name on it.

Like any adventure--

Coaching brings discoveries and surprises--as well as truths that are so well-known you've almost forgotten them! Answers and realizations that can be unexpected, thrilling, mind-spinning, astonishing. Epiphanous! There will be big shifts and new awarenesses in a short amount of time, and then there is action to sustain all the discovered gold.

Where we begin

One way to start your voyage is by identifying core values. They're like your essential traveling needs. Imagine a soul compass, by which you make decisions that are true to who you are. We work to shake out old stories that have held you back and start re-scripting new morning-glorious stories to reflect who you truly are and what you really want. All the while we fire up your nervous system and brain connectors in a way that supports you staying on this bold new path and getting to the promised land.  

The coaching relationship

Coaching is a partnership and collaboration between two people who are willing to fully inhabit their bodies, their experiences and their wild and wooly humanness in order to travel into new ways of thinking, doing and being.

I strive to make the coaching process deep and rich and creative and challenging in that Oh-cool-I-had-no-idea way. And fun. Let's relax into things a bit, too. Ease of living is a great motto. There's no reason to suffer through a transition. 

And yet, you will be challenged. Namely, your thinking will be challenged, because that's what has been holding you back. There are fruitful questions, provocative conversations, inquiries, brainstorms, exercises, strategies--all to  provide creative frameworks in which you can stretch out and tap into deeper knowledge bases and find the answer that you and only you can know. If a cartwheel and a headstand gets you to a breakthrough, then we'll do it!

Coaching is not about diving into the past to explain who you are today. We will not spend hours on the Why, oh whyyyy questions of family history. Instead, the focus is on truth-seeking, exploring and action-oriented work that delves into the WhatWhere, How and When of getting you to manifest a new experience with yourself, in the world.  

"How do I know if coaching would help me?"

You're ready for a big, bold, brave transformation. You salivate at the idea of diving in and doing what's needed to get to the next stage of your human development and personal journey in life. You're OK with feeling the "eek" of the mystery ahead, but also rubbing your hands together and licking your chops in anticipation of arriving at your next destination.

You're lost in transition, or ready to burst out of a threshold. Sometimes the call is so strong to up your game and Do That Thing or Be That Person you've felt knock-knock-knocking in your rib cage. "Let me out!" the voice hollers. So it's time. Coaching can help you find your way to the next chapter of your life: bigger, bolder, thrive-ier, laughier, you-ier.

You've lost your mojo. You want to feel the love and have more fun. Sometimes we lose our fire, or our sense of fun. Call it an existential funk; call it a state of mojo descendent. It has a message. What's it telling you? How do you move beyond it?  

You want to live a creative life.  But it's scary and you don't know if you have the courage, the talent, the wherewithall to pursue it. Eek! Answer: You do, and you will, once you experience what it looks like, feels like, sounds like.

If you have even the tiniest tingle of curiosity or intrigue, email me! We can experience a coaching conversation and see how we might be able to work together.

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Coaching is a beautiful exploration that takes you to dreamy places. For real!