Coaching is a profession of love.
— Eddie Robinson, American football coach


Imagine that you're already perfect

What if being human is a naturally thriving condition, rather than a faulty one? Let's start there.

You're perfect.

You have the wisdom, the knowledge, the intuition—an inner GPS that will lead you in the right direction if you get still enough, quiet enough to listen.

You're not your "personality." Your past doesn't define what you can do today or going forward. You don't have to believe you're "the type of person who . . . ". You can trust yourself. You don't have to struggle. Your natural state is to create; to go out into the day and experience fulfillment, purpose and belonging. You don't have to struggle and work yourself into an existential lather to make a change or transform your ways, your life. Whatever you want, whoever you want to be, however you want to feel can happen starting today.

This is how I approach working with you. Your natural state is to create, so let's look at the thinking that is keeping you from what you want. It's not your job or the overbearing boss, you parents, the uneven leg length, a creative block, world affairs, or a company in turmoil that's responsible for your less-than-ideal life.

It's your thinking. And that’s OK, it’s being human, this thinking we swim in, all day long.

And that's what you're going to take on and play with together.

Together, we'll create a coaching experience filled with discovery, curiosity, surprise, adventure as well as a state of ease, relaxation and fun.   

As your coach, I am:

A partner, travel companion, support system and champion.  Someone who deeply cares about your ambitions, goals, desires and daily life experiences--and believes in your natural ability to do and be your heart's desire. I will tell you the truth, act as a mirror, and serve as a guide. I will challenge your limiting views and listen with all my heart. I will shine a light on what you can't see--SHAZAM--so life gets bigger! 

If you are my client, you are MY POSSE. In other words, you are with me and on my mind as I navigate through my own days. If I come across a blog article, video, podcast, book, quote, movie, artist--anything I think serves your goals and desires, I will share it with you so you can keep moving in the direction you want to be.

Accessible in between coaching calls via email, text or phone in case you need some spot coaching or you were visited by a WHAT NOW work situation and need a pow-wow. When the whispers of doubt kick up; when the siren songs of "I can't" or "who do you think you're kidding?" or "it's too hard" cycle on to replay, I am there to remind you that these thoughts aren't the truth and to keep going, keep GOING, KEEP GOING! Our survival brain is so good at luring us off the path, we need a support system to remind us that playing the big game is where we are meant to be. I will also look at writing drafts in between our sessions so you can keep moving forward.



3 lemons

Coaching philosophy and grounding

  • Your natural state is one of well-being. You’re not here to suffer. Look at babies and toddlers, their natural inclination is toward joy--and bouncing back from distress pretty quickly. Have you ever seen a two-year-old hold a grudge? This is your natural state as well.

  • Circumstances are neutral. Events, the news--it's all information; just data. It's the way you think about each piece of data that creates a feeling and experience. Sometimes it really seems like the person, place or thing is causing you pain. It’s not—it’s your thinking about the person, place or thing. And that’s good news.

  • Thought creates your experience. Humans are thinking machines, kicking up 70,000 thoughts a day. Aren't we incredible?? Your thinking is like weather passing by. It's transient and part of a larger weather system. You don't have to hang a story on any particular thought. Sit back and watch it go by.

  • Your past doesn't define your present. Or future. Every moment of every day you can be whoever and however you want to be. The past is a memory--powerful, seemingly real--but you can step out of it any time you want.

  • We're all tapped into a wiser intelligence. Sometimes we forget. You're tapped into an intelligence system that brings you flashes of insight, creative bursts, gut instincts, the right answers, warm human connections, moments of awe. What if you made this your default setting, rather than a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence?

  • Our system is designed to heal and repair--not just from physical injury, but emotional ass-kickings as well. We have an amazing human repair system—a natural intelligence always working in our favor. If we give it a chance.

  • A feeling is not the truth--it's just your thinking. You might feel like the last five years of your life were disappointing; you might feel like the company doesn't respect you; you might feel emptied of all creative inspiration--but it’s just a feeling. NOT the truth. You don’t have to let a feeling direct you. A feeling is a sign, notifying you of your thinking.

  • You are creative. Being “creative” isn't about standing with an easel in the French countryside. Creativity is expansive! We are creative in how we work a complex spreadsheet; break a family pattern to make a better life for ourselves; start a business; build relationships and community; create a laugh among friends, you name it. Creative expression is the engine and pixie dust of thsi game of life. And being creative also helps move roadblocks so you can get to where you want to go, being the person you want to be.

  • Your work is so much more than just a job. Every thing you do, every day, no matter how big or small is part of your life's work (or play if you prefer). Imagine if you looked at your work as a playfield of personal discovery. A lab for personal development. A sandbox of play and creativity. The human zoo. The secret is, it's up to YOU to bring purpose and fulfillment to your work--not the other way around.

  • You Can Do It. This is a bedrock of the coaching partnership. I will believe in you even when you’re not so sure—because sometimes that’s what we all need. You don't have to go it alone. There's a village of people eager to support your rise to greatness, too.

Artist: Brendan Ryan (my cousin)

Artist: Brendan Ryan (my cousin)


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