Because We're All Writers

People who write, unite! Are you a writer? Hell yeah!

In today's world where most of us spend our days writing emails and status reports, texts, tweets, blogs, and simply expressing ourselves and our ideas and intentions with colleagues and friends in some form of written communication -- we're all writers. Or what I call everyday writers.

On this note, I'd like to announce that going forward, my coaching is going to focus on helping people with their writing lives.

So, Tatyana Mishel Coaching is now called Everyday Writer: Coaching for People Who Write. People who write = everyone from formalist poets to creative professionals, solopreneurs and anyone who wants to have a more confident or playful or expressive relationship to their daily writing life, whatever that may be (writing poems, status reports, emails, love letters, blogs, business Web sites).

The coaching work  focuses on everything from how to write with more ease and find your voice to personal coaching around creative blocks and time management.

One of my projects, along with coaching packages, is to create a Writing Gym -- a place where people can come together to work their writing muscle in a community and get tips and support and helpful perspectives on expressing themselves in their perfect voice and learning to fly with it. 

This is all new and if you'd like to be a part of it and let me know what you think as it moves along I welcome your thoughts!  I'm in the process of  updating the Web site content to reflect the writing focus.

Here's to all your creative, expressive endeavors -- personal and professional! Because you are creative.