A poem for jocks and dirt lovers

Cave Creek park, AZ, April '08

Thanks Gary, for sending this poem to the triathlete's email list.

Cartesian Meta-Analysis

I'd like to state that I

have been thinking

of Descartes and his statement:

I think, therefore I am.

These I think are the words

of a man too long at his writing-table,

and too little in his garden.

With insufficient sunburns,

and too few mosquito bites.

I am uncomfortable

with his comfortable idea

that we are real

by virtue of our minds.

That the words in our heads

make us real enough

to voice those same words.

These I think are the thoughts

of a too-sheltered mind.

I am uncomfortable

and therefore I think.

And therefore I am aware

of my body, my mind, myself.

That's my philosophy.

A good strong cramp,

near the hamstring,

would have alerted Descartes

to more than mere thought.

Better to develop a blister

than an ontological theory.

Better a long day of walking

on a rough, dusty path

than the thought

that thought is worth more

than the touch of raw earth

against your feet.

Or another's hand

held loosely in your hand.

--Rich Haydon