A To Do List for Visual People

A visual to-do list. It might just work.

I came up with a new way to Not Forget Things today.

While working on a coaching tool called a Life Wheel, I saw a way to unlock my recent state of overwhelmation -- aka, being pummeled with wordy to-do-lists.Like many 21st-century multi-taskers, I have this ongoing worry note that important items I need to attend to will be forgotten and will drop through phantom cracks.

And with 10 million word docs and zillions of pieces of papers and a bajillion notebooks, I am almost up to here with words that represent a reminder to do anything.

So I put my Major To Dos in a Wheel and added color. Something about the roundness softened it too.

It's simple:

*Get a piece of paper. *Draw a big circle. *Divide it into eight sections (pieces of pie). *Name your eight areas of To Dos. *Colored them in with pastel crayons, if you'd like. *Itemize each section with some of the most immediate To Dos (or Get-to-dos). *Don't forget the fun stuff that feeds you. (e.g., one of mine was Creativity). *Put it somehwere you can see it. *Throw out old To-Do list that has been up on fridge for past month.

Have you noticed?

The wheel also looks like a compass. I find I can look at this Visual To Do list as: forward motion or a directional. Both, very comforting and encouraging.

My To-Do list doubles as a guide that says: do some of these and you'll get there.

No longer an admonishing finger telling me what I again didn't do.

So, give it a whirl?

And if you have something to add on the subject of To Do lists, let 'er rip.