Can 15 Minutes Save a Gym Membership?

Everyone who hates their gym raise their hands.

Everyone who has a membership but doesn't go "enough" raise their hands.

Mine went up 1.5 times. I don't hate my gym but wouldn't life be great without the pressure of going to the gym?

Although I can't give it up. This I learned over the fall and winter months.

Here's why I need my gym

To keep my body strong -- especially my hamstrings, quad and core -- so I can run and swim and (believe it or not) sit without feeling large amounts of pain.

To stave off injuries.

And to have moments of pumping iron and feeling bad-ass. (Just don't look at the small weight amounts).

To keep my small living space my sanctuary and not a dumbell holder and mini weight room.

And now ... the gym problem

My gym is super convenient and still I don't go. It doesn't help I have an active swimming and running and, er, resting schedule but still ....

Didn't I say I learned my lesson (for the second meaningful time I might add) that strength training does my body good?

And even though I asked myself if I wanted to quit my gym, I said no.

And even though I had a tiny goal of going to the gym only 2x a week, I didn't go.

So here's the new gym relationship shift

My gym is no longer a place to go for intense hour-long workouts of heave-ho'ing and sweating and then enjoying the soreness a day or two after. This is why I hardly go in the first place because I want my legs fresh enough for a good run and my arms strong enough for a hard swim.

Instead, my gym is now the place for 15 - 20 minute drop-ins: even if it's a set of core work. Or, today I stopped in after a run for about 25 minutes and did some squats (miracle workers), some shoulder work and core work and high tailed it out.

My gym is now the tune-up place for quick drop-ins. If that means going in in jeans and a t-shirt (and dress code allows it) then so be it.

Goal? I wanted to start with 3x a week. But since today was my first time in two weeks I'm going to take a day number off the table. That just doesn't work.

New goal: Just 15 - 20 minute micro tune-up drop-ins. No big-ass powerful sessions that keep me from running the next day. Just maintenance and playing around.

This is me shifting my gym relationship and fitting in with swimming, running.

This is me trying to support my body to be strong and healthy and injury free.

Long live the gym! Long live strength training! Long live quickies!

Let's see how it goes .... and if I can sustain this through the warmer months. If they ever come.

Long live the gym!

Photo: My niece Taya and me a couple years ago, at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Thanksgiving Ladies' Invitational.