Don't try so *&$*(& hard!

Here's a great exerpt from a book I started, "The Inner Game of Work," by Timothy Gallwey (who also wrote Inner Game of Tennis and Golf):

"Two observations stand out as I reflect on my early experience with coaching performance sports. The first is that almost everyone who came to me for a lesson was trying very hard to fix some aspect of their game that they didn't like. They expected me to provide the remedy for their problem. The second is the relative effortlessness with which change for the better took place when they stopped trying so hard and trusted in their capacity to learn from their experience. There was a stark contrast between the forced mode of learning and the natural earnign seen i nthe early development of children."

What would it feel like to trust your experience and loosen your grip on the reigns?

Artwork: "The Dance" by Henri Matisse