Good Girl, Bad Alchemy

My first chapbook of poems, a story in verse, is here. Thanks Darwin Yamamoto for the great over art. An exerpt from the first page:


Fiery plume, you picked me up
on your bike in the shadows of a school night.
I tasted your blood line—bad alchemy,
now it’s in me, un-traceable flavor.

A burst, a bruise inside my thigh by morning,
I made my sister pop it, I made her lie;
finished my homework on the bathroom floor,
Mom yelled over the pop of burnt toast, “Cla-a-a-ire”

Mom yelled my name, I was burnt toast;
Dad strode down the hall, rapped on the door,
“Get out here, Tramp.” I should’ve been scared,
but I was love-wounded, limping, with unfinished homework.

A whoosh in my heart, the ocean backed up,
the sink overflowed, splashing my papers.
Lisa’s parrot squawked: “Bruise, a bloody bruise!”
Mom shouted “I will not play Antigone again!”