Happy or right? Happy or right? Happy or right?

A quick story on a FORCED perspective shift. I was at the eye doctor.

I was shuttled from one waiting room to another between various eye-check pit stops.

I had been there for two hours. I was losing two hours’ worth of pay. I was pacing the room. I was pissed. I was practicing the dialogue I wanted to say to SOMEONE about how rude it is of doctors to disrespect people’s time, do they not think our time is valuable too? How about paying me for the time I’ve wasted in your goddamn waiting rooms, etc etc. Sound familiar?

And then, in swooped some little angle of mercy of sorts, a voice that said: What if, instead of greeting whoever walks in here next with a force of fury, you greet her with excitement. Because that’s true too. I would be extremely happy and excited to see her.

I didn’t want to do it. I wanted to let my sulk and frustration be known. But I was game to try something new. I needed a lift as well.

The woman walked in and I jumped up and down and clapped my hands (a move I borrowed from the movie The Triplets of Belleville), and squealed with delight how excited I was to see her.

We had a wonderful interaction and a few laughs. Later on, someone apologized to me and I saw how she was struggling through her day. I told her to have a WONDERFUL day and left the doctor’s office with love and lightness in my heart.

Just because instead of getting mad, I did something different.

I share this with you just because something like this might work for you.  I am not that great of a sport. I am not that forgiving, but I’d rather be happy than right. In that quest, I’m willing to try new things.

How about you?

Happy May and sunny days, inside and out.