How To Talk About What You Do

Image by Maral SassouniI wrote a post a while back on my dislike of the elevator pitch. Why do we have to sum up What We Do and Who We Are in one canned self-promoting snap? So hallelujah to my smart biz/communications consultant friend Therese Beale who helps businesses get their stories straight. She writes a great blog post on a kinder, gentler more human approach to how we talk about what we do in Skip the Elevator Pitch: What's Your Sentence?

It's important, especially as a small biz owner or an entrepreneur, to speak clearly and visually about what you do, why you do it and the killer benefits. And to convey the juice of what you do in a way that raises intrigue and antennae and gets people thinking about everyone that might need your services.

It's also important to find a way to talk about what you do in a way that feels natural and conversational and includes the other person in the conversation.

A parting hint: How do you answer "What do you do?" in a way where you're talking with someone rather than at them?

And how about experimenting  and playing around with your sentence(s) in a fun and creative way?

Have fun talking about what you do this week!