How to Write a Beautiful To Do List: With Meaning This Time!

Most of us keep a To Do list, whether it's on paper, taped to the fridge, beeping from a digital device or swirling around in your head.

The two invisible but implied orders attached to most of the items are probably "Don't forget" and "Very very important, more important than the others."

Some may have an unwritten, "I really should do this, and I probably won't so let's see what happens." Sounds familiar? Sometimes To Do lists show us what really matters. Or simply how we're inspired and motivated. (Hint: some To Do's just need to be delegated).

I used to keep a rolling To Do list that I emailed to myself everyday. OK, that's a lie. I'd update it and email it to myself several times throughout the day. I spent time on my To Do list.

This list always had two parts.

The first part is the really really must-do important daily-life stuff that included bills and oil changes and laundry.

The second part is the like-to-have sorta important to-dos that stayed on my revolving list until I eventually deleted them. (Which is different than the thrill of crossing off, a thrill that seemed to stop some years ago when items rolled onto the list faster than I could cross them off.)

So. I've played with some new To Do lists lately that don't include grocery shopping or deadlines or calling anyone or paying bills or errands (god how I hate errands).

Which brings us to the title of this post.

What would be your ultimte To Do list for today or the coming weeks?

What kind of list would give you something beautiful and meaningful to strive for, one that transcends tasks and deadlines and picking up kids? What would be the most kick-ass fun To Do list you could write?

The first time I tried this I came up with my first visual art project of my adult life, a Heart-Shaped Forget-me-not list.

Here are a couple others, if you're looking for ideas:

May 14 To Do's:

1. Let down the armor.

2. Be at peace with yourself in the world.

3. Lighten the fuck up! Don't take yourself so seriously.

I added "Two Women Running" by Picasso as a visual supporter of my list (no ironic pun intended). This image supports the liberated feeling I'm going for, and it catches how I'd like to feel all the time -- but without the boobs flapping.

 Here's a second To Do I did courtesty of Wordle.

December 15 To Do's:

There's a story in our To Do list. Which one shows who you really are, or what you'd like to be?

So here's my suggestion: Write your own Beautiful, Meaningful, Fun(ny), Transcendent, Errand-free To Do list.

You might find out what really, really, really matters to you.