Money: How Do You Plan for Surprises?

The other day I had a simple, brilliant idea.  It came on a day I put my health insurance up for review and was making calls as I considered switching to a plan with a Health Savings Account. They used to be called Flex Savings Accounts -- tax-free stashes for funds that can go toward extras like eye glasses or child care or, in the case of HSA, old folks' homes if it lasts you that long. The surprises.

So I called my health insurance to see what it would look like for me to change my plan.

First, I'd have to reapply all over again which is an avoid-at-all-cost proposition.

And the HSA insurance wasn't as good as the insurance I currently have.

And so it hit me: I'll start up my own health savings account. Simple! Brilliant! 

I opened a new account under an online savings accounts (it's sooooo easy), started it with $50 and then set up an auto deposit of just $15/week. That's affordable. It will accrue over time, $60 a month, nothing huge in volume but it makes my heart beat a bit more calmly at the fact that I'm at least DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. I have a few extra dollars if some surprise medical or dental situation arises or I want to finally do lasik surgery.

This summer I started imagining a business that was like a sanctuary -- something beautiful and nurturing that would take care of me and others for a long time to come. This feels like a good start. And yes, it's occurred to me to wonder how long this very responsible account will last before I pluck at it for something else, but we'll see. The initial step feels productive and sanctuary-like.

On this note, what are creative ways you take care of yourself as a business owner?


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