Race Report: Victoria "Half" Iron

Isn't it great we we completey suprise ourselves, in a way that is re-meeting/re-introduction of what we're capable of but somehow forgot? Victoria half(ish) was that way and in part I should credit a two week taper and my body itching to RIDE.

Here's the quick story told non-linearly:

fab race, raced my balls off (look ma!) in a way I never have in a long-d race.
placed 6 in age group out of 38. got an IM CA spot but was at hotel napping during the offering and don't want to do it. I need to get a poetry manuscript finished this summer -- IM training doesn't fit in with this.

swim: hated every stroke of it for some reason but came out of the water 3rd (masters women). i feel really confined and claustrophotic in my full-lenth body suit, even in my legs. hmm

bike: for once wasn't passed by everyone and rode to keep up with #75, passed her in the end, but she got me on the run. ride was beautiful, bucolic, rolly--just 50 miles this year. two loops. it helped to not be riding alone. Alone, i cherry pick; with others I push myself, gleefully.

run: #75 passed me on the run but i felt like i ran my best and during second lap, i had three of the hardest race miles of my life but god it was invigorating; It was a total experiment in what I could do all-out in a race this distance. A woman told me I was her guide and inspiration for the second lap and with that great title and job description my tail wagged a bit and it was a good for f-ing hard last lap.

Discovery: I LOVE this distance.

The weather was cloudy; didn't rain, no wind storms (as predicted). BEAUTIFUL course would do it again in a heart beat.

Time: 5:23
Swim: 33
Bike: 2:53 (50 mi)
Run: 1:50 (12 mi)

As always, couldnta done it without all my sports buddies.

Other highlights: Hallie Truswell won her age group; speedy Tom Schutte got a Canada spot; Team Shimizu (Liz and Ben, my traveling companions) did a great job on the relay, and we all had a good ol' time.

Let's get a big group and go up next year.
Side note: are all canadians totally friendly and foxy? Jesus...
Next up: Lake stevens half.