The Writing Gym Is Open

Get yourself some strong, flexible sinewy writing and creative muscles.It's time for a little announcement: TOOT TOOT. The Writing Gym is open! This one focuses on blogging.

Here's what membership entails. Plus: It's almost stinkin' free for the month of February.  

So who joins this gym? Writers and professionals who have started a blog that supports a business, a book idea or to share ideas and experiences—and would like to keep the damn thing going!

The benefits of membership?

  • You want the kind of playful kick in your pants that will get—and keep—your writing going, and help your blog grow and develop into something exciting and suprising.
  • You could use both 1) coaching to move past the fear and stuck spots and 2) writing tips and creative idea generating.
  • You'd like to be part of a community of writers—but without it being a time drain or even having to leave home.
  •  You'd like to find the right first-person voice that feels comfortable—and supports the purpose of your blog.
  • You’d like to get over the fear of being exposed in public as a writer.
  •  You'd like to know how on earth you can keep coming up with ideas, topics and different ways to write your pieces.

What a Writing Gym Membership includes: 

  • 1 x month group coaching call: 12pm – 1pm Pacific time, the last Thursday of the month. Includes: A short talk on a writing issue; Q&As and some writing time. Each call will end with an assignment for writers to bring to their blogs the  next month. (The calls will be recorded.)
  •  Bi-weekly "try-this" emails with a tip or idea to use in your writing.
  • Feedback on one one-page piece of writing/month
  • Unlimited email access
  • Cost: $15 for February. $32/month through July.

To get the most out of your membership 

Be  prepared to give a minimum of two hours a month to your writing. This includes the one-hour phone call. Be prepared to write a minimum of one blog posting a month.  The gym will help you find a way to sustain your blog writing in a way that works for your life, schedule and personality.  All you have to do is be committed to giving it a shot and seeing the fun in it.

The point here is to get strong, sinewy writing muscles and have a great time doing it.  To join the gym, email me to sign up:

COMING SOON: Paypal and a proper online sign up form.THANK YOU!