Some Things I Learned in Childhood

A comfort in knee socks, the way the top of the sock touched my knee cap.

It helps to detach from self when targeted by mocking bully-ettes.

Jesus is hot! But Judas had the best songs.

Don't rock the boat.

A guitar fits perfectly under the bed and never needs to be anywhere else.

A broken wrist won't kill you. Makes good weapon.

  • Running feels good -- the air against the neck and arms and body parts.
  • Don't laugh in ballet class.
  • Teachers don't like it when you stare out the windows during class. 
  • But a good report card is a wonderful thing.
  • Sports is the best escape from playmate politics.
  • Closets must be closed during sleeping time or god knows what creatures will come alive and haunt the room during dream time.
  • Bodies of water -- pools, oceans, lakes, ponds, baths -- are life's sweet spots.
  • Winning a game of cards is a great feeling!
  • Grandmothers travel with Sucrets. Yum.
  • Playing piano to a metronome is no fun.
  • Bed time rocks.
  • The word "no" sucks.