Visiting dead artists and dreams

I'm tending to a small post-op foot procedure that snipped away at a tendon to free up my neuromas so I can run for miles and hours without pain. I'd like to say being sedentary has been hell but god I can adapt to being a couch-riding lazygirl. I've been catching up with friends, watching one thriller after another and reading Runner's World. And not writing. But movie-wise here are some recommendations: "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" "Lucky Number Slevin" and the latest favorite, "Inside Man."

Here's what I do sometimes when I need a lift--I go online and look at art. A month ago I hung out with Marc Chagall. In a book about his life and art he described how he didn't distinguish much between his dream life and waking life. Pretty fascinating POV, esp. for those of us who have active dream lives. What if we regarded our dreams as reality, and our waking lives as the dreams. What if we analyzed our waking life as dreams? I once rode my bike past two men I know named Mark, and wondered, if this was a dream I could make something out of the word and association "mark." Then, a few years later, two of my favorite most visited artists are "Marks"--Mark Rothko and Marc Chagall. What does it mean? Hell if I know... but it fires the synapses of the imagination and that's all I need.

Chagall's work is extremely dreamy, in the way dreams collide locations, symbols, people, faces, movements (walking/flying/falling)... all those floating brides. The print copied here is called, "The Promenade." And dedicated to today's birthday girl, the very talented poet and human, Marily Taylor.

I recommend, when your walk needs a little kick, do an image search on an artist.
I know it's naughty, but sneak it into your work day. I used to dip into The Web Museum Paris and read about art movements, check out paintings, find myself a desktop beauty.

Simple pleasures are so damn easy.

It's October--which means it's time to change my Monthly thing. June was mascara every day; July was reach out and get in touch with someone different every day; August was write every day; Sept was express your love month; Oct is make one positive choice and it relates to eating. More on that tomorrow.

Have you ever had a dream that felt like this?

Chagall, "Au Dessus de la Ville"