What have you always wanted to do?

We've all said it, and probably multiple times: "I've always wanted to ______________."

But how often do we do that thing -- the trip, the class, the food, the book, the sport, the conversation -- whether it taps into our sense of adventure or creativity or romance or dream job or personal development?

Some of them can't be that hard to do.

Here's what got me thinking about this.

I was watching a sport video by a group of base jumpers who traveled to Norway to do some nutty extreme adventure sport in which they hurl themselves off some of the highest cliffs and do a bit of "flying." 


It's probably waaaaay more far fetched than any "I've always wanted to ..." most of us have ever claimed, and it went like this:

The video stars with skiiers dropping and flipping down the steep cliffs of Norway with water below and a voice explaining:

"What we've always wanted to do is go off a terminal cliff, rip our skis off and then fly away in a wind suit."

Mhhm! Those words that come after the "always wanted to part" are almost funny. They put images of Paris in the Spring in the leage of of a home-delivered basket of kittens. Of course, it's all relative, still ...

This outrageous "always wanted" made mine seem so... doable. And cozy and safe, because some of these guys die doing this stuff. And so, a ticket to a Swimtrek trip in the Greek islands is comparatively easy. Taking a painting class -- piece of cake; my reading list? It almost makes me laugh, no, actually -- it does make me laugh. It's so easy to do some of these things. Reach out pick up book lie down let some time go by. Sit down, pick up phone, pull out credit card, recite or enter a series of numbers -- first big step, done.

And these guys with the crazy flying squirrel dreams figured it out

And no, I'm not going to Greece tomorrow or signing up for a painting class this week. But it does get a person thinking about that list. Because sometimes that What-I've-Always-Wanted-to-Do list includes simple stuff like: make jam or go check out a new neighborhood or do a Sunday drive through the next town or say that nice thing to that nice person ... easy stuff.

With that in mind, is there anything on your Always Wanted To list that you can start working toward right now?

Think about it.

This summer, I finally read Dante's Inferno. I've always wanted to read it. And finally did. It's just a book. But suddenly, other Wants became possible.

And if going to the Maldives is on that list, how can you bring a bit of the Maldives home, for starters?