What kick-ass quality do you want MORE of?

Since Monday is almost over and I have yet to post anything, how about three fruitful-juicy questions?

OK, so they're three categories of questions that can get you in a state of being where you want to be. Ready?

1) What quality would you like to have more of in your life?
(Write this down--this could include courage, peace, curiosity, fun, creativity, wisdom, patience... you get the drill.)

2) Think of a time in your life, even if it was just a sliver of a second sometime in your past where you experienced this state in a way you'd like to embody it now.
What does it feel like, how do you look, who are you being? Take a bit of time to really get into it and tap into the feeling.

Or, try: What vibration do you feel in your body? This one really worked on me earlier. I was working with the quality of unconditional love which, well, I only sort of believe in and it was a rather strange overwhelming buzz. Not bad, it just showed me that there was something possible here that I am ordinarily not open to.

3) Now shift scenes. You are fully living in this quality (totally peaceful, courageous, patient, whatever). And you are walking down a street -- a neutral street, any street. How do you walk, how does your body move? What do you notice about your gait, youR hand movements, your eyes, your mouth, your smile? Concentrate on yourself, not your environment.

See if you can really lock into witnessing yourself embodying this desired quality as you walk down a street.

Now, are you willing to play around a bit? (Quickly run out and hug a tree if it gets you into the mood or do a cartwheel or something).

Ok, so how about taking it one little step further?

Call up this image of you walking in this fully embodied quality -- at its full potential -- for 21 days in a row. Make sure you view yourself at a distance -- an out of body POV.

Guess what? I haven't done it before either but I'm going to give it a try. I've heard that some people put up 21 stickies someplace with the quality written on it and take one down every day. I may just try to imagine/visualize my scene in those first few waking minutes in bed since I've been arriving into the day feeling full of "no" lately.

What have I got to lose? Maybe a layer of defensiveness, or a bit of the grouch -- and oh man could I live with that.

Happy, playful week ahead.