What's Your Story -- In Six Words?

What's your story? In six words. Hemingway allegedly said his best work was this six-word story:

"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Here's one by Margaret Atwood:

"Longed for him. Got him. Shit."

Which makes me think about other ways to use a six-word story.

And when I say "story" I mean anything.  Your life story. Your state of mind; your work-life manifesto; a new-biz plan. 

The six-word story of who you are, what you're doing,  what you're trying to create, or what you've been up to for the last six months.

So what would a series of six-word stories say about your life?

OK, I'll start:

Fired! Now I can be me again.

Just launched biz. To be continued ...

I coach. You can do it.

People say they can't write. Bullshit.

After my heart broke, compassion entered.

How to start writing? Move fingers.

Time to write blog. Aaaak! Done.

Why go walking? To see herons.

So those are some of my six-word stories. How would yours go?

Drop off any of your stories in Comments.

Thanks to Sonya for inspiring the post of Six Word Stories.