Your best dreams...

are the ones you have while you're wide awake.Is it real, or a dream? The best, most successful dreams are the ones you follow up on and make happen. It's easy to rest on the laurels of your big, groovy vision and take comfort in it happening one day.

But this is also why "dreams" get a bad name: so many of us procrastinate on turning our dreams into reality that the word "dream" elicits many an eye roll these days. Dreams are for airy-fairy dreamers.

In some cases it's okay if a dream dies an early death. An occasional idea, thought or inspirational burst may come in and hang out for a while, we play with it a bit and then we realize Nah, not so much and it can float on past to someone else. But somewhere in there, we're hopefully catching other ideas and callings and working on making a few of those legitimate.

If it's a reoccuring real-life dream, something that grabs at you physically, spiritually, mentally and keeps you up at night -- that's a dream that wants to come true.

Stop dreaming and ... start with a series of small steps that are within your control. So, if you're giving in to a years-long nagging to write that book, start by making 15 minutes three times a week to scribble and write. Sign up for a writing class in your neighborhood, or online. If you've always wanted to run a marathon, go buy a pair of running shoes, get a training plan and start talking about what you're doing until you find other runners to play with.

All big dreams start with small bite sized pieces and take patience and an investment in the process.

You really don't know where you'll end up once you start.  That's the excitement of adventures, and following your dreams.