Your Life As the Sky

Sometimes, even while standing at a crossroads with multiple paths, it's hard to see and feel the choices and opportunities available. Sometimes, even when Spring comes, and the days grow brighter and longer, a case of the existential funky blues sets in, and you aren't even interested in the opportunities that are knocking at your door.

Sometimes, I stare down at the tangle of my beautiful life and feel confused and slightly despairing, even. "What to do? What to make of it all?" That's an over-thinker for you.

And then I leave my little office territory and walk into a vast, lively night sky.


It's filled with a bit of everything: light, dark, open space, cloudy formations, all of it anchored to the neighborhood rooftops I call home.

And so the question becomes: How can I turn that gorgeous, mysterious, vast sky into my Life. How can I look at my life as a constellation of stars and planets and stories just waiting to circle and burst into new stories?

Here's a sublime poem, "The Widening Sky," by Ed Hirsch