November is run-a-day month. Which means I can't stay on the couch with my laptop, poems, and a movie. The idea of the run was partly inspired by Dean Karnazes, crazy-man ultra runner who just finished 50 marathons/50 days and is now running home from NYC. He lives in San Francisco. Granted, my runs have been tiny, and I'm out of glute muscles, but there are some cool surprises: mainly, the beauty of a rainy November.

Goal: to take off from home and run 3-4 hours pain free. Train for a 50k this summer which means returning to the trails.

More rain fell this past Monday than in all of August in Seattle. Still, when I talk about it, I describe it as "colorful," "amazing," "spectacular," because I've had to go out in it, often at night or dusk, when I would otherwise be holed inside. But daily duty summons and I discover earthy beauty and forget I should be cranky and lazy (well, I do have a bit of the lazies).

A Very Doable Daily Run Chart
Saturday Nov 11 -- tbd, said runner gobbled up by couch right now.
Friday Nov 10--2.25 on treadmill
Thursday Nov 9 --3 miles (puny swim)
Wed Nov 8--4.5-5 miles at work
Tues Nov 7--3 mi, walked 1/3 of it. (swim)
Mon Nov 6--3 miles eve run
Sun Nov 5--2x around greenlake, some walking, 5.6
Sat Nov 4--post swim greenlake run, 2.85 (swim)
Friday Nov 3 -- 2.5 on treadmill
Thursday Nov 2 -- work run: 3.5 miles (swim)
Wednesday Nov 1 -- track workout, about 4 total.