.. And This Waterbaby Stays Home

Well that's enough of that. Run-a-day November is over. It occurred to me that while it's been great to "get out there," oh the dreaded saying, but really, there have been some beautiful surprises, however: almost all of my runs have been laborious, and not one good long(ish) one in the bunch. So, experiment tried, failed, and I'm going back to quality over quantity. Plus, I have a stomach ache.

Yesterday I went to see Pacific Northwest Ballet do a series of cool dances, including one by Twyla Tharpe "Waterbaby Bagatelles." She has the best book called The Creative Habit: Written in plain, beautiful language, the woman is disciplined as well as gifted, and she has wise words and philosophies for all of us, because we are all creative, whether choreogrpahing a world-class dance or balancing our checkbooks or walking down the streets, it's all there.