Give Me Bed!

Here's the only place I want to be these days: Beddie-bies. Not in that depressed I-can't-face-the-world way, but that Wintery, hibernating, let-the-fat-layers-commence, I live for reading and eating in bed cave-woman ritualistic way. Or so I'd like to think. Have you ever noticed how descending into a state of lower energy, lower motivation, or what I like to call a state of Mojo Descendent can make you feel panicy, like: Is this how it will always be? Ach! What if I just rode those energy tides in Hang-Ten surfer style and didn't worry about it so much? What if I even liked them, coddled them and used this as breathing time, waiting to make a next new move when the New Year comes? Who else is in Mojo Descendent with me?

Now for a little Jewish mothering: Don't forget to have a good supportive bed. If you wake up with pain in you rmid-back and your bed is over 5 years old it may be time... even though warranties last 10 years, the Better Sleep Council says a mattress really loses its shabang after five to seven years.
It's a great pleasure to love your bed. Go for it!

Painting: Vibrant Bed II, by Marc Whitney