Mythologize Yourself

A friend is posing the following questions I've been marinating in. Well worth it. Here are some of them and a few off-spring:

What is a myth or fairy tale you're currently living? Where are you in that story right now?

What are you afraid of? Think big--think small, ask yourself this question while you go through your day. I found it lurking in dark corners--the way I react to a question at work, the way my Good Girl trembles slightly when she worries she won't be good enough, smart enough, fast enough--human but silly. I try to giggle at it, pet it, send it away.

What act of bravery could change your year?

What are five words you could use as guiding value principles?

When you write down your goals, can you line it up with at least one of your values?

What is your personal mission statement for 2007?
What's one that's big enough for you to take with you into all elements of your life?