Love: Get Used To It

Painting: Mark Rothko, #2

"We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

What's your habit: loving, or regretting? Loving, or resenting? Loving, or defending, judging... what would it be like if you turned your default setting to Love, and pushed away the other un-loving thoughts and feelings--even laughing them away?

"While we have the gift of life, it seems to me the only tragedy is to allow part of us to die -- whether it is our spirit, our creativity or our glorious uniqueness." - Gilda Radner

The best of ourselves--spirit, humor, compassion, creativity, and uniqueness blooms in the act of love. So go for it--be a love cat.

"Silence is so accurate." --Mark Rothko