Don't be a Gratitude prisoner. Keep dreaming.

Lately I've been thinking about moving. And at the same time I'm trying to really deeply appreciate and squeeze out all the loving goodness of this splendid town of Seattle.

I don't know where I want to go, but I have a bit of wanderlust and I'm craving a change of pace. Maybe it will pass. And maybe not.

So I dream. Water is a big part of my dreamtown-scape. A big city, not. That's about all I know.

And today I got a big dose of Gratitude (does that word bug you a bit too, like a harp just chimed in?) about living in the Northwest. Here's what happened. Very simple, appealing to my water-lover self.

This morning I swam in a fresh-water lake at Madison Beach with Ruth, 7am. Later that morning I drove up to Vancouver, where I'm doing some coach training for several days.

<em>We take off in the direction of His Majesty Mt. Rainer</em>

By 3:30 pm, I was taking a dip in a refreshing salt-water bay, Deep Cove, in North Vancouver. I even put my tongue out to taste it.

<em> I've already nicknamed this salty bay Deep Throat. Memory issues.</em>
Deep Cover, aka Deep Throat. I need memory cues.

So today I had a moment of capital-G Gratitude -  and I'm still going to dream about Where Else ...

I add the and for a reason.

Have you ever noticed how Gratitude can be passed around a bit like a T-spoon of "don't complain, love what you have and aspire for no more?" Now, I am a big believer in being totally in love with now now NOW and with what you have, those simplest things - but I admit - at times, I've been a bit of my own  gratitude prisoner, whereby I feel like I shouldn't reach for more. Be grateful. Now shut up. Go clean your room. And I won't talk about the times that don't serve you to be grateful and you're probably better off going to your front door and screaming like a crazy person about how f-ing pissed off you are and then go back inside and come up with a five-point plan to change it pronto.

So gratitude rocks. Deep appreciation and the moments of Oh Wow This is the Money Bite rocks. But that doesn't have to stop the dreaming and striving. While loving where you are. If that's what your body is asking from you.

So for today: I am happy to be living in this Northwestern Valhalla  and I'm going to keep dreaming of all the amazing other places on this great big globe of ours.

Peace, out.