Tap Into Your Inner Rock Star Genius

Imagine if you felt like this even 50 percent of your day -- <em>Taya owns her rock-star genius quotient</em>

So let’s start with the word Genius. Because yes you are one and perhaps more importantly, you have one.*

Genius  is defined in many dictionaries as a quality of supreme intelligence and creativity.

So to be in touch with your own personal Genius can mean to tap into your intelligence and creativity and the fact that you do know what you want and how to get there.  

And, your Genius, as defined by numerous dictionaries and cultures, is also a deity or guide of people and places. So imagine that your Genius is a spiritual guide with a killer compass. When you feel stuck or you’re starting a new chapter or project or you’re standing in the dark prickly woods of transitions and thresholds, your Genius can guide you through and out of the wood, and into the light of an amazing life. (Remember Dante?)

And now imagine that you've decided to tap into your Inner Rock Star Genius, rather than focus on and fan the problem at hand. Even if you don’t know what that really means, or looks like or feels like. But you're willing to see how your thinking and actions shift around a bit once you accept this superstar self. It also means focusing on what you want rather than the sticky branches hanging into the path.

Changing habits of the way you think and act, in even the tiniest ways, can lead to all sorts of daily-life enlightenments. And perhaps most importantly, harnessing that Inner Rock Star Genius can get you one step closer to living the dream. 

What if you lived your dream rather than just dreamt it?

We are more than the sum of the stories we give ourselves. Your Genius knows it. Follow it.

And that’s all for today, you Genius Rock Stars. All of you!


*Writer Elizabeth Gilbert gave a fantastic talk at TED on creativity and Genius. She speaks to a shift in how the ancient Greeks and Romans saw Genius as something people HAD, like an other, a daemon or creative cohort; and with the Renaissance, genius was something people WERE, with no one to share the success or the so-called failures. Heavy responsibility, but in dreams begin responsibilities.

Watch it here: http://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_gilbert_on_genius.html