A Niece and Her Dog: The Power of Creative Thinking

<em>Gomez Mishel, RIPl</em> This is a tale about the power of creative thinking. And a beloved family dog, Gomez, RIP.

Last night my niece, Taya called me in tears. Her family dog, Gomez age 11, died that day. She was heartbroken, and crying her little heart out. After one lame-o comment about death being the cycle of life (pathetic, right?) I asked her to tell me everything she wanted to tell me in that moment. 

She started telling me in detail about a memorial project the family was going to make and display under Gomez's favorite willow tree. Suddenly the crying quiver was gone and her voice carried a sense of strength and excitement. She couldn't hold the sadness while her focus was on the act of creation. Ah, the power of the creative mind!

Next, I started telling stories of spending time with Gomez, and of course they included her, too. And the next thing I know, she was giggling and laughing. I was surprised, I admit it.

The point is, she had her cry, I let her feel sad but when we decided together to go into creative mode -- her telling me about the memorial art project and me telling a story -- there was a joyful presence hanging out in this space, instead of all dark, wallowing sadness. I mean, how many times can you say "I'm so sorry" and not feel a bit lame.

It reminds me how focusing on the act of creative thinking and doing is so good for a human heart and soul.

So, what are you going to create today?

<em>Taya, getting creative for the camera</em>