What's the Best Swine Flu Immunity?

swineHey, I'm no doctor. But I'm going to say this anyway. There is a LOT of talk right now about the pros and cons of getting a swine flu shot.

What if we put our attention on staying healthy rather than preventing illness?

What would happen if most of our news and information was about all the great ways we could stay healthy and we all focused on that?

Here are a few tips I've learned recently for good health*:

Take Vitamin D3. If you have sufficient Vitamin D3 levels, your chance of getting sick goes way down.

Get probiotics in your diet. That's yogurty stuff and there's also the supplement form. I don't know much more about the details here. But probiotics help keep the flora well-balanced in our gut so our digestive system stays nice and healthy which = higher immunity system.

Stay hydrated. Yes, it's still about 8 glasses of water a day and drink the first one upon waking.

Sleep. Make it sacred. If it's a choice between working out and sleep, pick sleep as a default.

Don't forget to laugh. And breathe. And do the things you like to do. And play. Be creative.

Very few things in life are as serious as doing the things that keep you feeling whole, healthy and relational.

Here's to thinking about how to BE HEALTHY rather than preventing illness.

*Thanks to Dr. Mark Adams of onvo for the great health tips.