Did You Have "Fun" This Weekend?

Everyone aims to have a fun weekend. (Or at least we're all told to!) There's fun and there are the duties of errands, kids' sports, home improvement projects, family time, friends time, hobby time, sports time, alone time, nap time, movies, reading, cooking -- Jesus, that's a lot to fit into a couple days. It's amazing more of us don't call in sick with a mini-nervous breakdown Monday morning.

Of course fun is relative. But I've never heard someone say "I need to have less fun."

If you like the idea of having more Fun, consider this:

  • Define what fun feels like.
  • How do you know you're having fun?

Take this question around with you for the next week. Fun might show up as a hum in your belly, an opening in your chest or the sound of lots of laughter. It can be jumping in the lake, running hard with friends, doing engaging work, watching a movie on the couch -- it can surprise you. But when you spot it, take note. 

I once discovered my fun hum kicking in while doing laundry and cooking. I was having a great time doing domestic arts on a Sunday night preparing for the week. Consequently, I cooked more that week and had more enjoyable evenings. What made it fun was that I was in motion and creating something, a combo that works for me but I often give into laziness and the story of "I don't feel like cooking." But when I do it, my evening is so much more fun; I eat better, sleep better and so it goes. You probably have your version of cooking on a sunday eve.

Sometimes we have fun without knowing it because we haven't defined that fun feeling. But once you lock into it, you'lll notice when it shows up. You'll start to have more fun -- and you'll be able to make it happen. I'm talking about simple, everyday but meaningful fun.

So what does fun feel like for you? Take this question out into your week, keep a fun notebook. See what you find there.

xo, t

“I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun.” — Katharine Hepburn