What Do You Love To Do?

If you want to have more fun, feel more engaged, wag your tail more, ask yourself one very important question: Am I doing enough of the things I love to do?

I'm talking daily life Loves, like: cooking, reading, sports, movies, walking, hobbies, enough time with your favorite people.

Start with a love list

  • Write a list of the things you love to do. (See examples above and expand; anything goes.)
  • Next, fill the list out with some context, i.e.: I love to cook with my kids. I love to trail run with friends. I love going to a matinee by myself. I love reading in a coffee shop surrounded by the smell of coffee and sweet pastries... you get the picture.

How many of the items on your list -- that are within your control -- are you doing? How many of them are doable but they're falling through the cracks?

Pick one of them up. Pick up another. Step up and make small tiny efforts over time to make these Loves happen.

Fun is important. Having more engagement, laughter, tail-wagging, purring hums of contentedness -- this is the stuff that makes life and all the gorgeous struggles worthwhile!

But it takes effort. Fun doesn't happen without you turning the wheel. It's not insta-delivery service falling out of the sky, Surprise!

Just for the record ...

I asked myself this question recently when I felt myself sinking into an existential funk. I wrote down a list of Loves, five items and it took about ten seconds. When I looked at my list I saw what was missing: "with others" was the context part that was falling through the crack. So the following week I went to work on adding the "with others,"  by finding professional groups and doing a bit of networking. And my funk drifted away once it had focus and an assignment. Which is ongoing (don't drop the ball folks).

Don't forget the high five

When you write down your list of things you love to do, don't forget to pay tribute to this: Where are you succeeding? Then, give yourself a high five -- before asking:

And what do you need to add back into your life?

Start with one item, shine the sun of your affection and attention on it and go!

Hint: The things we love to do, we love for a reason. They're part of our gift, our purpose, our natural expression. So the more you do these Loves, the better life is, for you and everyone around you.

If you make this a project that lights up your curiosity, you'll find your entire outlook changing. Enjoy, and share what you find there.

xo t