"That's My Space"

I was listening to a Fresh Air interview with comedian Joan Rivers last week.

At one point in the conversation, Terry Gross asked Rivers why, after all these years, and 70 years old, she still chooses to get on stage and perform, stage fright included. She answered the question with a great line from British actor Peter O'Toole.

Rivers and O'Toole were backstage somewhere together, and O'Toole pointed to the stage and declared, "that's my space."

Simple, elegant, clear. That stage is the space where people like Rivers and O'Toole feel most themselves and they're doing their life work, playing, feeling engaged -- all that good stuff.

Now let's take this line and play with it.  What is your space -- a place where you move and think and work most naturally? A place where you want to return to year after year?

If you were to point to something and say "that's my space," where would that be?