Feeling Better #3: Look How Much People Care

Heart rock at the bottom of a tree sitting on bark.

"I can't take it! We're doomed!"

I see comments like this on social media feeds every day. These throw away exclamations get on my nerves. Thanks for nothing, drama queen/king. I take a breath, send the panic flair away. Out my office window there are stands of evergreens and maples, and a triangular patch of Lake Washington. It's a cool morning, 46 degrees. A layer of steam sits on top of an eerie-glass surface. My espresso is strong with the right amount of thick warm milk, brown sugar. The heat hums through the vents. I am warm, safe, loved, well-fed.

Photo of a lake with steam rising off the top surrounded by trees.

"Please donate to Puerto Rico," says another comment with a link to a giving site. There's a thread about sending love to Las Vegas. People are reaching out to friends and family who are in troubled parts of the world, asking how they are, asking how they can help. Telling them how much they love them.

It's a treacherous world, it's a beautiful world. 

Today, what I'm struck by in the wake of a catastrophic shooting and the early death of a beloved rock singer and whatever else is sneaking in the cracks, is how much people care. There are so many displays of people caring so much in so many ways.

Day in, day out in response to whatever is unfolding, people are showing up with all their might and putting a strong voice behind what they care about. People really holding their messy, achey hearts up to the world and stepping out. 

So many people care so much.

Look at yourself. Maybe you've joined a march or donated to a cause, phoned your representatives, volunteered or engaged in thoughtful conversations in a way you haven't in the past. 

Look at how much you care. How much the world means to you.

Today, feel better by noticing this precious and sparkling fact--how amazing and caring human beings can be in difficult times. Focus on the caring. There's so much to love in our fellow human beings.

Thanks for caring.


This month is dedicated to Feeling Better in a Troubled World: Simple daily life ways we can all catch a breath and remember a bit of beauty when the news is getting the best of us. If there's something you do to feel better and want to share, email me at tatyana@everydaycreative.net . XO