Friday Quickie: Are you "Spent" or "Full?"

Marc Chagall "Ohmygod it's Friday and I'm soooo spent."

Does this sound like a familiar Friday refrain? Today I wondered what it might be like to arrive at Friday and be full of energy. If it's happened in the past I can't remember.

So as I entered Friday feeling the fatigue and dreaming of a Friday night at home I decided to reframe. What if I changed the statement to:

"It's Friday and Jesus Christ I'm so full."

What if the feeling I have of general tiredness is my body saying: Sit me down and take notice of some of the highlights this week.

As I was having this conversation on the way to my local cafe, I took my coffee and sat in an oversized chair and let the week's events sink in and marinate.

It took me 15 minutes. And I got to see -- no, feel -- some of the significant passages that happened over the last seven days. If you were at the Madison Park Starbucks this morning and saw a woman all teary-eyed on a velvet seat, that may have been me.

It was trippy. And cool. I recomment trying  it sometime. Imagine if you arrived at Friday and were so full you could barely stand up. And you had to sit sat down and take it all in.

Then what?