What Would You Do With All That Money?

<em>Taya gives the finger to money woes.</em> I've been thinking about money lately. It's not coming so easily these days, is it?

For those of us experiencing job losses or shifts, or a drop in business and earnings it can be a pretty scary time. And a redefining time -- which can be fruitful and exciting. (And again, scary. Uncertainty.)

Here's my current money story in a nutshell: I was kicked out of a corporate writing job. This freed me up to pursue a path I'd been dreaming about because I had nothing else to do. It was time, and I pounced. I signed up for a coaching course which led to commit to starting my own coaching and writing consulting biz. This led to a goal set on making a business that can sustain me financially for years to come (don't even ask me about my non-401k). In short: I'd had enough with the swinging pendulum of In Job/Out of Job/In Job/Out of Job. Time for something new.

This led to me ask: When I say I want financial freedom, what exactly does Financial Freedom mean? Better yet, what does it look like?

So I started making a list. And a fun list. Like that beautiful To Do list I wrote about a while back.

Here's a bit of it. (Warning: Once you start on a Cool Moneyfied To Do List, it really gets going):

* Be able to buy a plane ticket, last minute, to anyplace in the world, at any time.

* More specifically: buy more plane tickets  to Colorado to see my niece and nephew. I'd like to be able to plunk down money on last-minute high-fare tickets to fly out and see Campbell's play or a Taya's skating competition. And I want to not even flinch at the cost.

*Swim Trek International. Swim island to island through the Greek Hebrides.

* Get massages often, once a week if I feel like it. And from Ruth who will be starting her new massage biz soon.

* Hire my wonderful cleaning ladies, once a week and increase their pay.

* Buy paintings from local, up-and-coming artists.

* Get myself a sunny lovely office space. With a plant. 

One thing that arises from my list is a new-and-improved value: How much I want to pay for products and services that support other small biz owners. Which leads me to ...

It's not always about getting a deal Just as I want to make a comfortable living, I want that for others as well. This means choosing my time to be thrifty and getting a good deal appropriately. Like a giant retail store sale or steals on travel. But don't be a cheapskate with the small biz owner. That's just wrong.

And now, a story about pajamas and making more money A small biz owner friend of mine recently told me how much she loves pajamas. She especially enjoys working in fresh new PJs at her stunning home office. I said it would be fun if she rewarded herself with a new pair of pajamas with every new client she retains. And so, she can frame her goals as such: "10 new pairs of pajamas by the end of the year."

So, what would your life-enhancing, good-time, Beautiful Money To Do List look like? It would be great to get some more ideas to add to my list.