How to Feel Better in a Troubled World. #1 Root Yourself

A stand of aspen trees and a hiking path.

Root Yourself

"Today we'll focus on rooting ourselves."

This Feel Better tip comes from the thoughtful instructor at Hot Yoga Inc, Bellevue.

I've always liked the mellowing philosophy of yoga. So I took the rooting advice to heart. Grounding is good, I nodded to myself as we moved through our standing warm-up poses. It was hot. The 115d room felt like I was being mauled by dense pushy heat waves. It helped that Nichole was in front of me and my friend Matt was next to me.  

So I posed and sweated and overheated and took deep breaths. Every time I thought I was going to lose my shit I pushed my feet into the mat then imagined myself connecting to the soil-y levels of earth all the way to its very core. Me standing in my own sweaty inferno rooted to the cool center of the globe.

The more I spread my toes apart in my rooting process, the more I felt like I was attaching to this sweet Mother Earth who was really just an enormous, kind ball of soil; a kind ball of soil who also just happens to be hosing a lot of weather disasters and nasty goings-on these days.

As I kept rooting, rooting and rooting, I felt as if the Earth was saying, "Hey T, thanks for checking in and spending some time with me."

It was such a sweet connection. My heart slowed down. I took some sips of water, poured some on to my chest, and continued to root. Me + Mother Earth having a moment together. Mother earth stripped of all the crap she is associated with. Me, getting a micro-break from stressing and feeing--literally--at one with the world.

Class wound down and we were finally in Corpse pose. I lay down and stuffed some ice cubes down my shirt. The teacher then added this beauty to the root theme: "You want to root yourself and also rise. Move down and upward." She really said it much better than how I'm recollecting it.

I translated her words as encouraging us to strike a balance between being grounded and stable AND connected to a higher self that didn't descend into panicky drama and a general lack of faith in everything. Like keeping your loving calm and being cool about it with a big warm smile. 

So I'm sharing the idea of ROOTING with you today.

When the world feels far too much, take a breath and just stand.

Feel your feet against the ground and imagine your feet connecting you through the floor and into the soil and straight to the heart-center of the Earth.

Can you hear her beating the soil-y wings of her happy self, and saying thanks?

"Thanks for playing with me!"

"Thanks for playing with me!"


This month is dedicated to Feeling Better in a Troubled World: Simple daily life ways we can all catch a breath and remember a bit of beauty when the news is getting the best of us. If there's something you do to feel better and want to share, email me at . Thanks!