Humpday Quickie: Lessons of the Lake ... Grasshopper!

Sasamat Lake Today, five Yanks piled into Mrs. Gardner's car and drove up north to celebrate Canada Day with an open water swim race in Noonchuk Lake.* Karin, Bob, Liz, Jeanne and me. Most of us swam the 4k, which was two circles around a clear, smooth lake surrounded by green-green trees on a perfect blue day.

A few lessons:

1. Being in good pool-swimming shape does not translate to open water performance. To race lake, swim lake.

2. I don't really like swimming in circles. Especially two. Nothing beats a point-to-point.

3. The age-group blue ribbon does help a bit.

4. Canada has the best candy. Nice people, too.

5. I have some fun-ass friends.

Happy Canada Day to our Northern Neighbors, eh!

* The lake is called Sasamat Lake but was rebaptized due to my poor memory.