Freedom. What Does It Mean?

Jasper Johns, Flag series What better time to talk about Freedom than July 4 weekend?

I think a lot about freedom. It's probably my highest value. And about five years ago I realized of all the things I wanted in my life at the time, Freedom was the theme.

But what, exactly does Freedom mean? Here's what it means to me.

For me, freedom is:

*Freedom from myself: my thoughts, my ego, my monkey mind, my Gollum self.

*Freedom from having defensive reactions to the people who push my buttons the most.

*Financial freedom. Enough money to have the experiences that most matter to me without sweating and fretting about having enough cash in the bank.

*Freedom is being able to love unconditionally and without expectations. F&*k. That's a tough one.

*Freedom is waking up and asking a question like: What do I want to create today?, and doing it rather than being stuck in a cage of fear biting my fingers and yelling at people inside my head like a crazy person.

*Freedom is being myself in any situation-- my real, true self at that moment.

*Freedom is making people laugh.

*Freedom is running barefoot over a golf course at sunset with my niece and nephew. Freedom is the purest kind of happiness, based in love.

Taya, Campbell, Tatyana -- and Grandma in the background.

Happy Independence Day Freedom Fighters!