When You Can't Find Your F&*cking Focus

<em>When I can't focus I lie there like a spaced-out stuffed lamb</em> Today I'm having trouble with focus.

How do you focus when you have 3 - 4 different projects ongoing?

Focus feels like is a one-project action. And when you have diverse areas to which you want to give  attention, how do you have one singular ray of attention? Especially when some of these projects are in similar areas, like work projects. Or  juggling various creative projects. There isn't always a concrete line in the sand.

I haven't found another word for focus -- or term or activity or metaphor or imagery yet. The image may be more like putting my arms around my day or my projects or ... diving into the day? That feels a bit hokey, but I do like the visual of my day being a body of water and I'm going to dive into it and swim around from activity to activity.

And sometimes I can't focus because I'm stuck because I'm disorganized. Papers, lesson plans, etc all over the place. This is often a sign to clean up my act and corrall like piles of papers into proper binder homes.

So off I went to Office Depot, bought a bunch of binders and I'm now in the process of Organizing. What a pain in the ass. But what a road cleaner, too. Tomorrow I'll be able to move more smoothly through my day.

After too many years I am finally learning that a certain kind of stuck and unfocused feeling means I need to get organized. Type A people have known this forever, too, lucky bastards.

And once the screaming kids (papers, etc) are tucked into their homes, the path is clear to be productive. And do it with a feeling of curiosity and adventure, rather than stress and what-the-hell-do-I-do-nextness.

At least I hope so.

But I'm still going to re-think the whole focusing act.