Truth or Dare Writing Prompt

Here's a writing prompt that's also a dare.

Write about the thing you don't want to write about.

If you need some nerve to go for it -- as I did yesterday morning -- tell yourself you can throw the pages away or delete the files the minute it's done. (Mine is still there, and not so scary or threatening or embarrassing.)

Some years ago I noticed something while standing in my kitchen staring out to the lake. There were some things -- personal traits, qualities, longings, secret desires -- that I was embarrassed to admit to myself. And at this time there was this thing aka a moment of truth I was letting myself see. I'm not going to say what it was, but seeing it let me also catch it and deal with it and move on in a positive direction. 

Once you bust something, it's hard for it to take hold of you. It can't sit there in the dark corner scaring and taunting away.

Make sense?

If it doesn't, which makes sense, it might if you start writing down all the things you don't want to write down that you might find inside that beautiful Gucci luggage.  Open it up and let yourself see something you really want or desire or dream about or are afraid of. Write out every stinking detail.

Then tomorrow, you can write about what you found there.

You may be a bit more liberated.

If you need a prompt, start with:

Nobody knows about ... or I will never tell anyone including myself about ...

Remember: writing isn't lethal. It doesn't cause illness or obesity or natural disasaters. You won't get arrested (at least in this country) for writing it down. 

Think of your writing as the key that takes you to new places: scary, perhaps -- but always someplace new and unexpected.

Happy adventuring!