I am like nobody else

Loneliness by Sergei Chepik

I am like nobody else sitting at a big desk fanning
a big paycheck no I am only like the stream of people

falling down rooftops or sitting at the edge of a bed
while a body lay under sheets fanning itself with sleep

I'm sitting at the edge of my head I am like all those people
whose chins pull hard at their necks while the Rolling Stones

or Strauss or 50c play from a speaker over the wall.

It may be a favorite song but we can't even pick up
the vibration our noses only smell graveyard soil
we have a pica it's to chew on ourselves like glass like ice

and rise above everything everyone. But transcendence is a lonely
business. Do you want to lose the touch of your feet trudging with

all the others that storm this young ground of the 21st century?
Stay. And start at the foot of your bed cry for your lover

who has stopped kissing you on your mouth during love making
let your toes rub into the tiny pebbles lost inside

the carpet. There are so many ways for a heart to
break. There are so many ways to repair ourselves.