Your Organs My Organs

Your organs my organs
they know how to love
liver spoons heart spoons
a pair of brains that hide under
the covers so what we aren’t well-
dressed out in the world I don’t like
how the coyotes in your stories go for
girls in headlamps and mallards
a shut kitchen door. I believe
Do Not Enter signs are calming

Only you can come
into the ragged circle of
my deep freeze I'm thawing can you
hear the drip drip sound?

I am the corpse of a dead virgin
lying under the village of a man I don’t know
Together we feel like my ancestors running
for ports and ships to borders they had to
sell anything: songs a soft ass breasts
wedding rings everything to cross the
waters into oblivion they closed their eyes

No one warned them that
new trespasses are like fleshy territories
a new body over an old one or like yours
over mine a passage of North and East
wasp and gypsy we come together
over rocky seas and settle wildly
like orphans and seamen we fall
into a soft down bed calm for a while
oblivious of how far back we go