The "Now What" Problem

The road to "now what?"

A friend posed a question about something she called rainbows and pots of gold.

What happens when you arrive at your own personal pot of gold? A place you've been working steadily toward for years and years.

Now what?

Life is rich with Trickster-ism: We want That Job, That Mate, That Bank Account, That Holiday, That Sports or Artistic Accomplishment, the Body. And then, we get it.



And then we are left with the blushifying horror of:  Now what?

Why is this? Here's a theory:

It's about losing a travel buddy, a companion in the form of Longing

That eye-on-the-prize striving you've been intimately carrying around with you for years -- it's been like a dear travel companion. Once you arrive at your destination, you and this buddy-in-longing must part. And one of the harsh truths of life sets in: With every gain there's a loss. You've lost that longing feeling and companionship.

Let's sit with that for a little bit. OK, now let's move on with some questions to fill up on.

  • How can you start building the next gorgeous brilliant dream-worthy vision of your life as you savor your arrival?
  • How can you start creating layered goals, creating a staggered posse of pot-of-gold destinations for yourself?

Once you reach one dream, don't stop dreaming.  Anticipate your arrival and plan for the emotional uprising of What Now-ness--and a personal celebration.

Give yourself  time to savor where you have been and the the path you've travelled. Reminisce like you would over a trip through France--draw, write, tell stories to an interested ear about all the amazing experiences and steps along the way. You may need to remember them for the next beautiful destinations you dream up for yourself.

This is also another way of saying: If may appear like a content-driven life but the juice is in the process. Don't forget to taste the sweetness.