What If -- you showed Eeyore the door?

The thing with Eeyores is, it could be sunny out and they'd be all, like, "It's probably going to rain tomorrow."

What possibly could go wrong? Everything, and you better be ready.

For some reason, in our popular western culture, so many of us prepare ourselves for the worst. Even in little ways, like:

You think you'll get the job, but you "don't want to jinx it." Stuff like that.

And in today's world climate it's probably happening more.

But the truth is -- this kind of thinking and internal activity doesn't feel good, it doesn't help you prosper as an individual, in relationships, or in your work -- because you're too busy worrying. And worrying is so self-conscious and consuming.

But how do you get out when you're stuck on a negative spin?

For starters, let's turn some of our Eeyorean "What Ifs" on their heads and happy-fy them.

If the idea scares you -- because it happens -- make yourself a deal: try it for a week, a month, as long as you can, and then give yourself the option of returning to old worries. You may find it harder and less interesting to return to old ways--at least with your former vengeance.

So, let's get started.

1. Start with the big fat downer but totally human What If:

  • What if on the walk to coffee a bus hits me and ...
  • What if my boss is in a bad mood, hates my idea and fires me (or worse, publically humiliates me)?
  • What if my teenager runs away to join a sex-and-drug cult and steals all my Rolling Stones records?
  • What if [fill in your bad-case scenario here]?

2. Replace your favorite negative What If with kinder, friendlier, more creative and adventurous ones, eg:

  • What if I could flap my arms and fly, where would I go?
  • What if I go for it, believe in myself and present my ideas to the boss, what if she likes them--what if she works with me to make it better?!
  • What if I ask my kid to go for a walk with me and see how many roses we could smell?
  • What if I prepare for success and creating wonderful experiences for myself and others -- rather than protect myself by preparing for disappointment and tragic life consequenes?

Which What Ifs give you a lift, a kick to your step, help you sleep better, and motivate you more?

Which ones have a better chance of happening?

Which ones are dramatic boogie men?

Which ones are benevolent spirit-builders?

What if???